New Artist - Dava Dahlgran


Please help us welcome our newest artist - Dava Dahlgran! Dava works in colored pencil with the occasional addition of metallic foils. Her still lifes are anything but still. There is movement and a story being told in each. The detail she achieves in her work is stunning as well. She also enjoys hands as a subject matter. So much can be learned about a person just by looking at their hands. We also use our hands to convey our moods, and Dava expertly captures those neuances in her work. When she uses metallic foils it is with great sensitivity. The foil does not overwhelm the details in the piece, it simply adds a slight accent to the subject of the piece. Metallic foil does not photograph, so you must visit us at the gallery to truly appreciate Dava's work. Stop in and check it out soon!