Woodworks By Vincent

Artist Bio

I have been an educator for the past 40 years. My last seven years were served as a high school principal. I am currently a full time minister with the Community of Christ Church, and CEO of my Consulting business. I began working with wood in 2000 as a hobby, when I inherited several woodworking tools from my father. I found that love for wood and woodworking has led me to devoting all of my spare and available free time to the craft. I enjoy the simplicity and complexity of box, table, and other wood designs, as well as crafting unique, quality heirlooms.

Each piece is handcrafted individually in my small basement workshop. I am  primarily self taught. With each piece, my goal is to create something very special that someone will cherish for years. Particular attention is paid to grain patterns, joint techniques, the mixture of exotic and domestic woods, as well as hard and soft woods. Careful attention is directed toward the workmanship in the construction and the finishing. I do not use wood stains. The natural wood tones and colors are kept natural. Tung Oil and Polyurethane with several coats of a wax finish, are used to enhance clarity of the grain and protect each piece. Meticulous sanding ensures each work is smooth and soft to the touch.

The satisfaction of taking a thought or dream and bringing it into reality has intrigued me since my beginnings in woodworking. Woodworking is a passion that I have found to be very satisfying and rewarding. There has been and will continue to be a constant evolution of my creations and work quality.