Stan Piepenburg

Artist Statement

Growing up on a farm near Brillion, Wisconsin provided me the opportunity to
view and study my surroundings in a different light.

Through the years my technique of applying ink with pen and brush has evolved.
Using the contrast of black, white, and colored ink, I try to capture the feeling of
spaciousness and serenity while illustrating the simplicity of our world that many
of us take for granted.

My original ink drawings range from the detailed line drawings to the stark winter
landscapes where the skies are formed using a combination of inks, creating
multiple hues that all of us observe at different times. All the scenes on view are,
in one way or another, very familiar to people of Wisconsin and the Midwest.
I participate in several outdoor art fairs during the year, mainly in the Midwest.
My work has also been exhibited through juried shows and galleries in Wisconsin
and Illinois.

I thank you for your interest in my art and hope you enjoy the drawings on display
here today.