Penney Bidwell

Artist Statement

I strive to capture the intimate and internal experience in my artwork. My figures each stand alone, even when part of a group. Each character emerges from the clay directly from my subconscious--characters of imagination, past experiences, family stories, motherhood, fairy tales, and dreams. They are soulful beings, reflective of deep inner experiences and vulnerabilities.

Technically, my sculptural pieces are handbuilt from clay and combine slips, stains, glazes, and sometimes found objects. I apply several layers of pigments and continue to fire them until I achieve the desired finish. My intent is not to control my inspirations, but to remain open and let the imagery inspire me as it develops. My subconscious guides my hands, and the story unfolds as I work. The mystery of not knowing where a piece will take me and what I will discover is part of the process that inspires me.