Nolan Prohaska - Dance Wither Glassworks

Artist Statement

I have always been fascinated by the outdoors.  Ever since I was young my family nurtured my love for nature. When I entered the University of WI River Falls in 1997 I was pursuing a degree in horticulture with a minor in liberal arts.  During my sophomore year I found myself in an introductory course for glass.  To my surprise, I had a natural talent for working with the material.  My pieces logically leaned toward the natural world, heavily influenced by my surrounding environments. I enjoy connecting indoor spaces with the outdoors by creating pieces inspired by desert sunrises, waterscapes, and beautiful plants.

Today I have been working with glass for more than thirteen years.  I continue to be influenced by organic shapes, plants, and colors.  Utilizing both blown and solid working techniques, I create intricately assembled sculptures.  I also create vessels in a variety of shapes, inspired by landscapes and seascapes.  In either case, all my pieces of glass become a reflection of my awe toward the natural world around us.

All of the work I create starts out as molten glass inside of a 2000 degree furnace.  The glass is gathered onto the end of a blowpipe or solid punty rod, depending on the piece to be made.  Colored glass is added in layers depending on the desired outcome.  Successive heating and shaping occurs until the piece is finished.  The glass then cools down slowly in an annealing oven.  After the pieces are removed from the oven, each is finished with grinding and polishing. Sculptural work is sand-blasted and acid-etched.