John Francis

Artist Statement

What I know about and what I see rarely aligns with how I feel about what see. This dichotomy informs the current direction of my work. More importantly, it is not a problem to be solved as much as it is a phenomenon to embrace and a landscape to explore.

I improvise with abstraction as a vehicle for both unconscious impulse and mindful design. Compositions are the result of collaboration between opposing energies of the psyche i.e. thought vs feeling, intuition vs knowledge and so on. I want the viewer to participate in the history of this dynamic process.

Works themselves are for my part artifacts harvested from the working process itself; the record of a series of moments captured in time. Titles for works are intended as interpretative sign posts rather than literal labels.

My thought is multifaceted. I am influenced by mythology, psychology, and religion. The works of Joseph Cambell, C. G. Jung, and both organized and tribal religious traditions are important to me. While I have spent a good portion of my career exploering classical figure sculpture, the evocative nature of Abstract Expressionism is currently my primary influence particularly the New York School of the mid twentieth century.

The creative process is for me a necessity. It brings me most intimately in contact with the complexities and mysteries of life where I am confronted with more questions than answers.