Jaynie Crimmins

Artist Statement

What I do:
I fabricate objects with meticulous handmade details that contrast with the banality of
their materials. By repurposing solicitations, safety envelopes, and catalogs that are
difficult to recycle (because their inks have high concentrations of heavy metals), my
work explores consumerism and waste through a repetitive practice mirroring domestic
tasks. Shredding these marketing tools breaks down their physical and ascribed
composition so I can roll, fold, sew and fabricate the shreds into intimate sculptural
reliefs. Process, surface and texture reshape formulaic messages into forms based
upon impressions from recollections and observations. Conventional, impersonal
messages become personal, domestic and cultural narratives.

Why I do it:
Nothing seemed to make it into the trash in the apartment of my Eastern European
grandparents. Discarded clothing became crocheted rugs. Old curtains became
aprons. Leftovers became the ingredients for new meals. Nothing was wasted,
everything possible was reused. Castoff items became novel and compelling in their
Combining this sensibility with the shredding of junk mail illuminates the physical acts of
deconstructing and repurposing. The power of transformation, frugality, ingenuity and
handmade quality drive my practice.