Jane Lufkin

Artist Bio

Inspired by nature and fueled by a creative spirit Jane Lufkin creates vibrant impressionistic oil paintings filled with expressive impasto brushstrokes. After a lifetime of creative pursuits she found her passion as an oil painter of landscapes when she moved to Truckee California and made the mountains and lakes of the High Sierra her home.
Jane began painting as a young girl taking classes and studying drawing with her father. Her father, Tom McDonnell was a multitalented artist, musician, horticulturist and actor. He was forever involving our family in creative pursuits. She followed in her father footsteps and completed her Bachelors Degree in Landscape Architecture from California Polytechnic State University. She thought the perfect combination of drawing, creativity, horticulture and outdoor life. Janes’ greatest desire was to create beauty for people to enjoy. She was the principal of her own professional practice in Santa Rosa, California for 20 years.
Life can throw you curveballs and opportunities. In 2004 Jane had her second set of twins. What!!! Yes, two sets of twins. So juggling teens and 2 year olds she moved to Truckee settling in a log home and focused on family. It wasn’t long before she couldn’t sit still and had to release her creative spirit. The big skies, dramatic mountains and turquoise blue of the lakes called her to create and so she did. Painting became her passion and her mission. She is often found hiking, running, biking or skiing she is forever on the lookout for creative inspiration for her work. Traveling to places always sketchbook in hand ready to capture the essence of the landscape for future works of art. 

“Color is the key to happy paintings,” Jane says. “ That’s what my clients love.  It is my goal to bring beauty and happiness into peoples lives. To take the ordinary and make it extraordinary! I bring landscapes to life in oil on the canvas, capturing the light, movement and the magic of nature.”