Elissa Palmer

Artist Statement

My work is inspired by past and present joys and sorrows, while envisioning the possibilities of
future. Within this premise, my paintings and drawings are based on the people, places and
experiences that make up everyday life.

I do not begin my process with a pre-determined design, rather, I allow the emotion felt to drive
an expressive, stream-of-consciousness mode of working. As the process unfolds, and feelings
involved begin to surface and solidify, I methodically shape the design yielded by the initial
process. When complete, or sometimes during the process, I am able to title the piece, which I
feel connects the visual with the emotion.

My meditative process, of allowing the work to evolve with the fluidity of life, has resulted in
organic, abstracted works that speak to life’s most personal experiences.

Artist Bio
Elissa Palmer is an American, abstract artist born in Seattle, Washington. Her childhood was
spent in Colorado and Texas. As an adult she moved to Chicago, Illinois and then relocated to
Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2014. This is when she began creating abstract art, after a long hiatus
spent raising her daughter Sophie.

Palmer is a self-taught artist. Her work was born out of a love for doodling as a child which
eventually evolved into the abstract, meditative drawings and paintings she is currently creating.

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