Brian Hartmann

Artist Bio

Artist Brian Hartmann is an award winning watercolor painter, known for his unique approach using this difficult medium. Watercolor itself is a medium that is unforgiving. Watercolor is usually applied in layers to achieve what the viewer witnesses. Brian goes further with it by adding eye popping detail that can't be explained. The oldest of 4 siblings, Brian from a early age has always been fascinated with making art. Art turned into his passion later in life and he is still doing it today. Brian’s work is influenced by everyday life. He begins by experiencing the places he goes to. A walk down a busy city street, or through a calm park, admiring how architecture and nature coexist to create the world we live in. This is the makings of a painting for him. During this time he takes multiple photos, and doesn't know till reviewing them later if he found the perfect one. To be able to capture a single moment in time for his viewers pleasure, is of the greatest importance.