Amy Weh

Artist Statement

For as far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to be an artist.  I was brought up in a very creative family that believed and nurtured the idea that you need to do what truly makes you happy.  At home my mother was always working on something creative.  That was considered a norm in our house.  We never had a clean and pretty dining room table except for the holidays.

In High School I took as many regular and independent study art classes that I could.  At home my mother was always creating through quilting, liturgical decorating, flowers for weddings and a life-size paper-mache’ dragon.   Art surrounded the family.

I was accepted at Cardinal Stritch College in Milwaukee through the Frederick Layton Art Scholarship.  His legacy and the vision of the Art Director Sister Thomasita Fessler had a profound impact on my art career. 

After college I worked in various creative fields such as kiln operator, gallery assistant, frame shop manager and visual display assistant.   They were all jobs that have helped develop many aspects in my current field of mosaic work.

After having my first child, I decided to stay at home and work in my home studio.  I began creating small watercolors in shadowboxes with found objects.  Outdoor art shows were my first attempt at selling the watercolors.  Around this time I also became fascinated with mosaics using china shards and found objects.  I explored the mosaic medium learned through diligent self study how to manipulate this medium.

I have continued to produce mosaics in many forms for the last twenty plus years, developing new techniques and methods along the way.  I continue to sell through art shows, galleries and shops.  I also have taught many workshops and classes. I developed an artist in residence program through the Lomira School District for elementary and middle school children. I also am the frame shop manager at a local frame shop.

All of these experiences have collectively brought me to a self-realization that mosaic art is my found medium.

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